Fly Pedals

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install Fly Pedals

Are these clipless pedal platforms compatible with popular styles of mountain biking clipless pedals?

Yes, Fly Pedals are threaded with a two bolt pattern to accept cleats such as Shimano SPD, Time ATAC, Infinity Pedals or Crank Brothers Egg Beaters & Candy. Simply use the factory screws that come with a set of your pedal’s cleats and attach the cleats to your Fly Pedals.

Are these clipless pedal platform adapters compatible with popular styles of road biking clipless pedals?

Yes, Fly Pedals are threaded with a three bolt pattern to accept cleats for pedals such as Shimano SPD-SL, LOOK Keo, Keo2Max, S-Track & Delta, Time RXS & Clic and Speedplay.

Do I need to purchase anything else to use the Fly Pedals?

You will need a set of the cleats that are compatible with your clipless pedals. You can purchase those online or from your local bike store. We recommend cleats with 0 degree float (or as little as possible). Simply use the factory screws that come with a set of your pedal’s cleats and attach them to your Fly Pedals.

When do I need to use the included adapter for mounting my pedal's cleats to Fly Pedals?

The following clipless pedal systems require the use of the included adapter:

Are some clipless pedal systems more challenging than others to use with Fly Pedals?

Yes. Because of the design of Crank Brothers Egg Beaters and Candy clipless pedals, there is the possibility for riders to accidentally step on the opposite side of the mechanism when attempting to flip over their Fly Pedals as they start riding - causing the pedals to release the Fly Pedals from the opposite side. Avoiding this takes a little practice, but they are still fully compatible with Fly Pedals clipless pedal adapters.

Also, Speedplay Frogs are a unique design as a zero tension clipless pedal system. There is no mechanical mechanism as in other clipless pedals, which holds the cleat in place through tension. Frogs are great for beginners and some mountain bikers who desire to release there foot effortlessly. However, this also means that Fly Pedals can release easily when the riders foot is not on the adapter surface. While they are compatible, we caution our Speedplay Frogs customers about the challenges of using them with Fly Pedals. Please see our instructional video above for tips on maximizing secure attachment with Frogs.

Will the Fly Pedals adapters flip upside down, and make it more challenging to start riding from a stop?

Yes. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of any clipless pedal adapter and even toe cages and foot straps is that they put weight over the spindle (or center of gravity) - causing them to flip upside down. The good news is that flipping them over when you start riding gets easier with practice. We recommend practicing starting and stopping in a safe location before putting your new skills to work on the streets.

Are Fly Pedals durable and light?

Yes, Fly Pedals are made of single piece of premium quality aluminum, which make for a stiff, lightweight and tough platform that can stand up to the abuse of years of riding and won’t weigh you down. Throw them in your pocket or your jersey. The all aluminum construction results in very durable platform pedals.

What are Fly Pedals for?

Fly Pedals are a universal adapter to convert your clipless road bike or mountain bike pedals into platform pedals that are comfortable to ride with any type of street shoes. Fly Pedals allow you to keep your clipless pedals on your favorite road bike or mountain bike and ride it to a pub, a restaurant or anywhere else in the neighborhood in comfort with your street shoes. Fly Pedals allow you to avoid the dilemma of either walking around in your clipless biking shoes once you ride to your destination or packing a pair of street shoes with you and switching shoes once you arrive.

Are Fly Pedals universal?

Absolutely! Fly Pedals are compatible with any clipless road or mountain pedal with cleats that use the standard 2 hole "mountain" pattern or the standard 3 hole "road" pattern. Some of the most popular pedals that use these hole patterns are Shimano SPD and SPD-SL, Time Clic and ATAC, Crank Brothers Egg Beaters, Speedplay and LOOK Keo.

Are Fly Pedals easy to clip in and out of the pedal?

Definitely! Once a set of your pedal’s cleats have been mounted to Fly Pedals, they can easily be clipped in or out of your pedals without any tools. They will clip in and out about as easily as your road or mountain shoes will. The shape and size allow the user enough leverage to get them in and out with relative ease.

Please note: Users may need to adjust the cleat tension on their pedals for the ideal balance between easy release and secure attachment while riding. Consult your pedal's user guide for adjustment instructions.

What if my cleat screws are not long enough?

We recommend purchasing M5 x 0.8, 12-14 mm length, Zinc or Stainless Steel machine screws. The screws should penetrate at least 1/2 through the depth of the threaded hole.

Can my feet slip off of the Fly Pedals platform?

Sure, but it is less likely than many platform pedals on the market. It is also far less likely than slipping off of your clipless pedal. Fly Pedals feature deep knurling on the platform surface to ensure excellent grip to the sole of just about any street shoe. The deep ridges formed into the single piece aluminum platform provide exceptional grip and traction. You will be able to ride with confidence with the Fly Pedals clipless pedal platform adapters.

How do you ship domestically? How long does it take?

Our standard shipping is done through USPS First Class Mail. We typically ship within 48 hours of purchase and then it should take 2-3 days of transit. You can also ship expedited, which uses USPS 2-Day Shipping and we try to ship within 24 hours of purchase.

How do you ship internationally? How long does it take?

In order to keep shipping costs down for Standard International shipping, Fly Pedals uses a service called FedEx International Mail Service. This service uses FedEx for the first leg of shipping and then it is transferred to your local postal service. It also requires bundling of shipments. Given these steps, it can take up to 4 weeks for your shipment to arrive - especially if you live in distant places like Australia. When your items ship, you will receive a special tracking number and website to track these packages (as they aren't a typical shipment).