Fly Pedals Solves a Common Problem with a Simple Solution

Clipless bicycle pedals requires a specific cleat attached to either a mountain shoe or road shoe to attach the rider to the pedal. Unfortunately, these cleats often make it difficult to walk around in road shoes or mountain shoes. So, what do you do when the ride is over?

Maybe a bar, restaurant or cafe is the next stop after a long ride? Most riders want to get those riding shoes off. This creates a new problem for the casual rider. It can be uncomfortable to pedal around with casual shoes on top of clipless pedals. Most have no platform so the rider's foot pushes directly on the mechanism of the pedal creating uncomfortable pressure spots.

FlyPedals are the simple, lightweight, and affordable solution to these problems.

Don't buy a second or third bike for the casual ride around the neighborhood. With one set of the best clipless pedal platform adapters on the market, you can ride around in comfort! Fly Pedals work with every major clipless bicycle pedal on the market. Simply pick up a set of Fly Pedals and cleats to go with your bike's pedals, and mount the cleats to the Fly Pedals. Once mounted, the Fly Pedals platforms easily clip-in and out as needed, allowing your feet to ride comfortably in street shoes.

Lifetime Warranty.

If your Fly Pedals crack, split, or break in any way, we will replace your Fly Pedals at no cost.

Fly Pedals work with all Shimano SPD and SPD-SL, LOOK Keo, Keo2Max, S-Track and Delta, Crank Brothers Egg Beaters and Candy, Time ATAC, Clic and RXS, Infinity Pedals, and SpeedPlay pedal systems. Adapt your favorite clipless pedals to platform pedals and back in just one simple step!

(Note: Time ATAC and Crank Brothers Egg Beater and Candy require the use of the adapter, included in each package)

Fly Pedals is a proud member of Colorado Outdoor Original Products