Fly Pedals

About Us

Fly Pedals has a simple mission: Make cycling easier for everyone.

We believe this is critical given the environmental, economic and health benefits of cycling. If more people cycle, it means less traffic, less pollution, and less road maintenance. It also means more people being active to get from point A to point B. It is a win-win-win-win.

Fly Pedals started as a KickStarter project almost 5 years ago. Three successful campaigns with over $150,000 raised resulted in the Original Fly Pedals, Fly Pedals V2 and the Colored Pedal options. We are now available in the US and internationally.

Fly Pedals also believes in supporting the local community. We make our pedals with a local manufacturer and also own local fixed gear bike company, Wabi Cycles.

We Solve a Common Problem with a Simple Solution

Clipless bicycle pedals requires a specific cleat attached to either a mountain shoe or road shoe to attach the rider to the pedal. Unfortunately, these cleats often make it difficult to walk around in road shoes or mountain shoes. So, what do you do when the ride is over?

Maybe a bar, restaurant or cafe is the next stop after a long ride? Most riders want to get those riding shoes off. This creates a new problem for the casual rider. It can be uncomfortable to pedal around with casual shoes on top of clipless pedals. Most have no platform so the rider's foot pushes directly on the mechanism of the pedal creating uncomfortable pressure spots.



Lifetime Warranty.

We take pride in our product. If your Fly Pedals crack, split, or break in any way, we will replace your Fly Pedals at no cost.


Fly Pedals is also a proud member of Colorado Outdoor Original Products